Day 118 – A Life to Spare

Promise yourself you’ll only do
today’s work

Keep yourself to this
and you won’t have
no trouble sleeping

Keep yourself to this
and you will have
a life to spare


Day 103 – Time to Be

I don’t notice the mountains anymore
though they’re right in front of me-

driving to work straight facing a miracle of nature.

I hear sounds but I don’t care
where they’re coming from,
I have time off but I don’t feel
much relaxed.

There are Christmas flowers, scarlet and white,
all dead in the window, still

and I wonder when it happened
that I stopped having time
to be.

Day 100 – Lifeblood

We were born in a world
that promised us love,
that preached us backyard summers,
that taught us the value of honest work

We were born in a world
that fed us cinema,
that baited us with dreams it spun,
that led us to the brink and let us go

Come to find,
love’s a scheme we can’t afford
Come to find,
our honest work is not enough
Come to find,
we don’t deserve the things
we selfishly assumed
that we had every right
to desire

And so we are a generation spoiled by
ideology that we did not approve;
now we are a congregation ruled by
technology that we did not invent

Yet we’re the ones who have to fix the system,
the honest work for which they trained us up-
and we don’t have
any lifeblood
to spare.

Day 63 – Saturday Nights

Saturday nights
with gunfire in the background
a bed full of paperwork
typing and typing
and counting
the days ’til Christmas
the days ’til this program is over
the days ’til my body has healed
the days ’til all this work has paid off

Saturday nights
with Chinese takeout
Mucinex and the TV remote
Dwight Schrute and a grading pen

One day I’ll be taking my vitamins again
drinking water and hitting the gym
visiting museums
contributing socially

instead of writing snot-filled poems
and sinking to sleep

Day 52 – There’s Work For Us To Do

There’s work for us to do but we cannot do it
for we let the world dig in its little hooks
so many times we’ve tried and could not get to it
and time and time again we’ve closed our books

Well when will we finally stop the merry-go-round,
this searching for a place to lay the blame?
At any time the final bell could sound-
how do we have such time to play this game?

There is no winner here, only weapons dropped-
eyes to turn upon more pressing things-
the wiser choice to see the fighting stopped
than to carry on this war of bitter kings.