Day 125 – Cereal Bowl

I never feel love quite more
than when I come home to find
the cereal I bought for you yesterday
your bowl and spoon in the sink
and you gone
out into the world
with a full happy belly.


Day 107 – USB

If you smash
a USB drive
full of photos
do the pixels
get released
back into
the world?

Do the memories
return to those
who forgot

or do they live on
in those
who never did?

Day 100 – Lifeblood

We were born in a world
that promised us love,
that preached us backyard summers,
that taught us the value of honest work

We were born in a world
that fed us cinema,
that baited us with dreams it spun,
that led us to the brink and let us go

Come to find,
love’s a scheme we can’t afford
Come to find,
our honest work is not enough
Come to find,
we don’t deserve the things
we selfishly assumed
that we had every right
to desire

And so we are a generation spoiled by
ideology that we did not approve;
now we are a congregation ruled by
technology that we did not invent

Yet we’re the ones who have to fix the system,
the honest work for which they trained us up-
and we don’t have
any lifeblood
to spare.

Day 97 – Phoenix Times

these are phoenix times, young friends,
the burning of the wilds-
when we make the rules with our fingers
tracing through the ashes
of what they tried to hold

we are rising

enflamed with the questions,
forsaking the answers
we were taught
we were fed
we were brutalized by

and there is no failure for us,
there is no dousing the fires we are lighting
for we do not walk the safe paths as directed,
we do not follow those blinding lights

we are a new resolution
men and women ungoverned;

we were born into this world
and we’re burning it down

Day 26 – World

The world is tailored for extroverts;
but I’m not sorry you’re not one.

Though you speak with just your eyes
I hear you.

You don’t wear your face
like a billboard.
You don’t strut,
you don’t cry out
’til you’re alone.

You’re frustrated by weddings and
but I see
your gears turning
for something.

You are under no obligation
to entertain.
You don’t pay for your worth
in nuance.
You don’t need to earn a place
in someone’s mind.
And you don’t
play by the rules
of a rigged game.

You were not shouting,
but when I asked,
you spoke.

I can’t imagine
your beautiful world.

Day 39 – The Other Side

It’s so obvious
you can’t stand it:
you’re on the winning side
of history.

How could anybody not see
that simple logic?

They must be bad,
must be evil,
must be enemies of virtue

to want the kind of world
you don’t want.

So you’ll yell,
you might fight,
you could spend your whole life
on a cause you know is righteous
and you’ll never win.

No one will.
But at least they won’t,

Day 15 – Kings

What do you do
when you are small
and the world is unfair?

What do you do
when you can’t stand up,
can’t prove it,
can’t speak out,

but can’t keep on
the same way anymore?

What do you do
when you’re right
but no one cares?

What do you do
when they’ll laugh if you quit
but keep spitting if you carry on?

Do you turn to stone?
Do you just go mad?

Do you write a poem
and call it a day?

Are we all going to die
like this
either way?

Or are some of us
born kings?