Day 101 – Take Two

She said take two
when you’re stressed
and let me know
how that works

But I get so down
that I take three
or four or five

One time I took
the whole bottle
and I showed up at her door
in a panic-

“What’ll happen to me now?”

So she gave me gin and tonic
and she told me not to worry-
“It’ll all be over soon anyhow”

She peeled back the label-
they were candy after all!
and I haven’t worried much
ever since.


Year 2: Day 158 – You’re Gonna Be Fine

To the kitchen to make spaghetti,
to the cupboard to find the salt shaker,
to the bedroom to find that one cup
for the milk
for those girl scout cookies
you bought in October.

But you started gathering laundry
as soon as you walked in the room
and the quarters remind you
the credit card payment’s due.

You wonder what happened to poetry.
Why can’t you find that cup?
You taste the sauce
with a mouthful of dry cookie
and tears well.

What was it that ended your reign-
you’re so beautiful
and feel so crazed-
what blew in and took away
your neat control?

You walk down the laundry
in a baby buggy
while the stove is on
and you’re thinking of how
you could’ve signed the papers
when you were dead, when you
never wanted the divorce
at all.

But you don’t sit still
while the dryer runs,
you know enough to keep busy,
to make up for lost time,

and you’re gonna get back
to where you lost it,
you’re gonna be fine.

Year 2: Day 94 – I Slept Through Saturday

I chopped off all my hair, it don’t mean nothin’,
I don’t use Facebook.
I don’t got a Valentine, I don’t get high,
it don’t mean nothin’,
I slept through Saturday.

Big-mouth bass in the river goin’ “how, how, how,”
big-eyed chickens in the roost goin’ “how, how, how.”

I tell ’em a secret so sweet and low they don’t hear it-
it don’t mean nothin’-
when everything matters in the world
then nothing does.

I don’t wear lipstick, I don’t have cable,
it don’t mean nothin’,
I got no moves,
it don’t mean nothin’,
I slept through Saturday.

Year 2: Day 41 – Brains Are Bullies Sometimes

Brains are bullies sometimes-
they want want want
when we’re just trying
to exist ok.

What kind of decisions
can we make
under pressure of death

Don’t ask me, brain-
I’m just a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser.

don’t try to get
anything concrete
out of me,

just help me play
chess for fun
because at the end of that
nobody actually dies
and nobody wins more
than a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser

and don’t steal it
out of my lunchbox