Day 99 – Smash Tea Kettle

You had that
smash tea kettle
you were
always breaking pieces off
and handing them to me

I strung them together
those pieces
I wore your
smash tea kettle pieces
round my neck

I loved it more
than any diamond
ever saw

I kept a piece
of your smash tea kettle
in my heart
it was the sharpness
that finally

cut me loose


Day 81 – How You Know They Got You

If you could only get through this one
it would be so much easier
to get through another one
and that’s how they get you
when you start thinking like that
that’s how you know they got you

Day 6 – One Day

I’d very much like to hear
one day
the impossible has been done
that man has finally found a way
to gaze upon the sun

I’d like to live to see
one day
things I could never believe
walking on water
floating on air
and more I could not conceive

And I should love to do
one day
what I could never do
I’d love to figure out
a way to get along
with you

Day 19 – You Are

You are
a mountain of pillows
after a long day.

You are
a long-awaited
Friday-night margarita.

You are
my pizza pal.

You are
a warm bath
a sounding board
a hug.

You are
common sense
when I’ve lost it.

You are
a surprise
every day


you are

I am