Day 42 – Seen That Film Before

Something in the air today resigns you to exhaustion-
you’ve done nothing wrong, but you know
there will be no breaks today.
You accept this as something that happens;
it’s the price for having so many poles
in so many fishing holes,
so many hands in so many pockets.
This has been going on so long it’s only normal anymore.
You live a tired life.
You are constantly on the edge of ONE MORE THING
and when that thing comes, you handle it.
Some would say you’ve beaten the game-
it is physically impossible now for you to fail.
Your tools are coffee and spreadsheets,
pomodoro timers, Google reminders
and the playback memory loop of your parents
telling you you’ll never win.
At this rate, they’re probably right, you know.
But at least you’ll never lose.
At least your tombstone will say you never quit.
At least you’ll be dead by the time you ever need
to answer for why you kept at it
when you’ve seen that film before.

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