Day 343 – Shady

They tell me that I’m shady with my thoughts sometimes
it appears like I’m only kicking rocks sometimes
but I promise you there’s more going on up here
even though I have an impulse to disappear
they say I have a tendency to blindside
but it was always in my eyes in hindsight
what’s the benefit of being such an open book
if you never tell your business then you’re off the hook
I keep quiet to avoid a fiasco
if you listen you can hear my wheels spinning though
in fact, I never learned how to make them stop
by the time I come clean I pulled a yankee swap
then they’re mad because they never expected it
most times I couldn’t even have predicted it
I’m not shady, I just think of things thoroughly
I’m not sneaky, I just contemplate quietly
I don’t plot, I just plan efficiently
I don’t talk ’til I’ve pondered sufficiently
so don’t worry ’bout anticipating my next step
I strategize new moves like a chess set
if that’s shady I guess I’m the whole damn tree
and I’m the freight train coming that you never see

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